DLM offers a complete line of communication-based applications and solutions including Panasonic’s full line of Telephone systems, VOIP Solutions, Voice Mail systems and Network Cameras. We also offer CTI applications to enhance your telephone system, plus much much more.

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Telephone Systems

We offer many different types of telephone systems, including one that is perfect for your company. Whatever the size or type of business, we have a telephone system solution to meet your needs. Check out our full line of Enhanced Communications Solutions ranging from traditional telephone systems to Hybrid IP phone systems or a complete IP phone solution with IP handsets and SIP Trunking. You can start off small with one or two handsets on the Panasonic TDA50G phone system and migrate through our product line of TDE100, TDE200, TDE600, NCP 500 or NCP1000 telephone systems.

KX-NCP 500/1000: Panasonic Network Communications Platform

Panasonic introduces its Server Based Network System

Customized communications solutions for small to mid-size businesses that leverage today’s technologies. Using a combination of advanced telephony products along with other IP-enabled applications and CTI applications, Panasonic provides richer, fully capable business communications solutions for your business today. The NCP line of Network Communications Solutions provides seamless integration with mobile phones, allowing remote and mobile colleagues to stay better connected; even while on the move. NCP Systems provide innovative IP telephony features and functionalities over both local office and broadband networks. NCP can connect with an ever-growing list of providers offering SIP trunking services, an excellent way to maximize savings on your long distance charges. Panasonic assures out-of-the-box functionality for a complete end-to-end solution.

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The TDA50G

The great starter system

The basic cabinet is configured for 4-Lines and 4-Super Digital Hybrid Ports allowing for 4-Digital Phones and 4-Analog Devices. This system can be expanded to 12-lines and 24 Digital Phones and 28-Wireless phones. By adding an IP Gateway Card this system can make a great remote office or branch office system.

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The TDE 100 & 200

The system grows with you company

Can be configured from 8 extensions to 128 Digital extension ports, allowing the system to grow with you company. The TDE 100 & 200 are slotted systems which allow an array of cards from digital, analog and IP Extensions cards to Analog Central Office, Digital T-1, PRI-ISDN, and IP Gateway Trunks. The TDE 100 has 96-Digtial Ports and the TDE 200 176-Digital Ports. Each of these systems is designed and programmed to the specific needs of your company. We take the time to personalize your system!

For businesses that have multiple locations the TDE/NCP family can be networked together using advanced IP technology, ISDN or basic T-I services. The TDE/NCP networking solution supports Centralized Panasonic TVA Voice Processing System and network busy lamp fields.

Protect your investment with the Panasonic TDE! Good news, the majority of the system cards and all of the 7600 series phones in TDE 100 & 200 will migrate to the new TDE-600.

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 The TDE600

The TDE600's modular design lets you expand the system as your business needs evolve.  The Basic Shelf provides a maxium of 192 CO lines which can be expanded up to 640 with the use of up to 3 expansion shelves.  Plus, with the KX-TDE600's free slot architecture, you can easily insert expansion cards and access new features as well as expand your capabilities.

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