KX-T (v3 or Above) System Speed Dial

The phone numbers entered will be available to all extension users in the phone system.

  • There are 500 numbers from 000 through 499.
  • Telephone numbers can be no more than 24 digits (max.)

To enter the Program Mode:

1) Press PROGRAM button

2) Press * * then 1 2 3 4

3) Enter 001 The Display will show: 001 Sys Spd Dial

4) Press SP-PHONE button, the Display will show: SPD Code? --->

5) Enter a Speed Dial Number
To enter speed dial number 000, you can also press SP-PHONE button.
The Display will show: 000: Not Stored

6) Enter a 9 and then the telephone number
To delete the current entry, press TRANSFER button
To change the current entry, press TRANSFER button and enter the new number.
7) Press STORE.

8) To program another speed dial number, press SP-PHONE button and the desired speed dial number.

9) Repeat steps 6 through 8.

10) Press HOLD button

11) Lift the handset to exit the programming mode

To make a call using the System Speed Dial:

1) Press speakerphone or pick-up handset
2) Press Auto Dial Store button
3) Enter the Speed Dial 3-digit code (000 - 499)