Changing Names in Display w/7431 phone

Selection: Jack number KX-TD816-3 01 through 16 (-1 / -2)
KX-TD1232-3 01 through 64 (-1 / -2)
(-1 = first part, -2 = second part)
Name: 10 characters maximum
To find the current jack number for each phone, go to the programming phone and press Program button, then 0 0 3. This will list the extension numbers with the correct jack numbers. On display phones, if you press Program button, then 9 9 then 6, this will show the jack number for that particular display phone.

To enter the program mode,

1. Press PROGRAM button, then press * * 1 2 3 4.

2. Enter 004, display will show: EXT Name Set

3. Press the SP-PHONE button, display will show: Display: Jack No? ---->

4. Enter a Jack Number, to enter jack number 01, you can also press SP-PHONE button. To select the second part (-2), press SP-PHONE button after entering a jack number. Display will show: #01-1: Not Stored

5. Enter a Name, for entering characters, see Section 4.1.3 "Entering Characters." To delete the current entry, press TRANSFER button. To change the current entry, press TRANSFER button and enter the new name.

6. Press AUTO DIAL STORE button.

7. To program another jack, press SP-PHONE button and the desired jack number.

8. Repeat steps 5 through 7.

9. Press HOLD.

10. When finished, lift the handset to exit Programming Mode.