Quick Tips: Accessing Voicemail from Offsite

November 28, 2016

How to access voicemails from outside of the office:

Voicemail can be accessed outside of the office by calling into the main number and

1.)    Having someone in the office transfer you to a voicemail box

2.)    The voicemails auto attendant answering

In either scenario, once the voicemail answers you will dial

#6 *(ext number)

This tells the voicemail; I am a mailbox owner and need to access that mailbox.

So if you are extension 101 and you call inside from outside the office and your company live answers this is an example of how the process will play out.

Once your call is answered, the person answering will press their VOICEMAIL TRANSFER, VM TRANS, VM XFER (or whatever button they use to put callers into voicemail) and then they will dial ANY extension number. It doesn’t have to be your extension; it can be anyone that has a voicemail. You will hear their greeting play typically saying “Please leave me a message and I’ll call you back.” BEFORE that greeting ends, you will need to press #6*101

You will then hear a prompt to enter your password followed by the pound sign. You will need to follow the prompts accordingly, just like you do when accessing the mailbox inside of the office.

If you have an auto attendant that answers, as soon as the auto attendant answers you can press #6*100 and again will be prompted to enter your password followed by the # sign.


As long as you have accessed the voicemail system, this key command will work to get you access to logging into a personal mailbox.


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