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Donald Muirheid

Donald Muirheid is vice president, sales and service, of DLM Communications. In this position, Mr. Muirheid oversees all sales and service personnel. 

Mr. Muirheid established DLM Communications in 1981 after having worked for Cincinnati Bell for 10 years. He credits his time at Cincinnati Bell for teaching him some basics that have helped to make DLM such a successful business: offering reliable products, standardizing your offerings and doing it well. Having learned the business from the bottom up at Cincinnati Bell prepared Mr. Muirheid well for his responsibilities at DLM. 

Mr. Muirheid’s philosophy in helping to run a successful business is that the customers come first. He and Mrs. Lenhof-Muirheid love what they do and live the business day to day. They are able to collaborate and review each day’s happenings and then make appropriate changes or address issues that need to be handled. 

Mr. Muirheid is thankful for a wonderful family, good health, a job he loves and a country where he can be free. He enjoys giving back to his church and community.